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In the sun I feel as one

The sumptuous sunset over the Mediterranean Sea provides a few moments of pleasure every day.

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Sunset over Geula Beach in Tel Aviv.Sunset over Geula Beach in Tel Aviv.Photo: Zach Pontz
October 29, 2015 | Latest Photo

This is the view the citizens of Tel Aviv, Israel are afforded each night as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea. Pretty nice, right?

People in this city think so, and around the hour that the sun begins to make its descent many who aren't already there migrate towards the sea to witness it.

Curiously enough, such is the commitment to the beach here that even when the sun has vanished below the horizon the beaches still buzz with activity, each beachgoer returning to or continuing with whatever activity it is they are preoccupied with; whether it be paddleball, swimming, surfing, conversing with friends or simply staring at the darkened sky, still mesmerized but what they just witnessed.

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