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Beauty of Carmel Mountains has inspired us for millennia

Hunter-gatherers who lived on the mountain thousands of years ago created beautiful art and jewelry.

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Carmel mountainCarmel mountainPhoto: Yair Aronshtam / Flickr
October 26, 2015 | Latest Photo

These vibrant plants wave in the wind in Israel's Carmel Mountains. They're just some of the mountains' many inhabitants, consisting of various plants, animals and, of course, humans.

Human activity in the Carmel Mountains has a long history. The Carmel Natufians, hunter-gatherer groups on the threshold of the Agricultural Revolution, established hamlets in the mountains.

The Carmel Natufians were an artistic bunch. They used local, high-quality flint to make stone tools and model small human figurines.

They even dug into iron-oxide veins in the carbonatic rock of the mountain to extract ochre that was probably used for hide tanning or to make body make-up and clothing dye.

These folk were masters of the art of jewelry making and collected mollluscs from nearby steams to make beads and pendants. They also made beads out of animal bones, especially gazelle toes.

These early hunter-gatherers are just one more indication that art is central to the human mind. But we don't need to tell you that. You're already appreciating photography.

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