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9 scenes of paradise from around the world as viewed by drones

Give your eyes a vacation with these stunning aerial shots of sandy beaches and cobalt-blue waters.

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Maldives IslandMaldives IslandPhoto: Dmitry Balakirev / SkyPixel
April 19, 2016 | Latest Photo

As the weather in the Northern Hemisphere begins to shake off its winter coat and welcome spring with open arms, it's time to look forward to warmer temps, lighter clothing, and the sweet days of summer. As these beautiful drone photos show, some parts of the world are perpetually soaked in sun; a true reflection of that old adage "another day in paradise."

Take for instance the above shot of a stunning private island in the Maldives. Using DJI's high-end Inspire drone, aerial photographer Dmitry Balakirev soared high above to show us the forest, sandy beaches, and coral reef beyond.

The nine scenes below, from a wave-kissed sandy beach in Israel to a solitary boat in a turquoise sea off Cancun, are just some of the thousands submitted to the online aerial-photography community SkyPixel. Scroll down to see some of our favorites.

Anse RoyaleA small island along the coast of Anse Royale in the Seychelles. (Photo: Michele Risoli/Skypixel)

Alexander RiverThe Alexander River at its estuary at Beit Yannai Beach, Israel. (Photo: Eyal Asaf/Skypixel)

moorea, tahitiA resort perched above a coral reef in Moorea, Tahiti. (Photo: Jon Aiwazzi/Skypixel)

Western SaharaThe sands of the Western Sahara touch the Atlantic along Morocco's Dakhla coast. (Photo: Moritz Ott/Skypixel)

Cancun, MexicoA day at sea off Cancun, Mexico. (Photo: Rodolfo Lomeli/Skypixel)

Kingston BeachThe tranquil beauty of Kingston Beach in Tasmania, Australia. (Photo: Brian Coates/Skypixel)

El Morro BeachThe colorful El Morro Beach at Monte Cristi in the Dominican Republic. (Photo: Leo Arturo Martinez/Skypixel)

MaldivesA sand bank party in the Maldives. (Photo: Naati Kakuni/Skypixel)

Praia do Forte beachA surfer walking across the coral reef at sunset at Praia do Forte beach in Bahia, Brazil (Photo: IBBI Consultoria Imobiliaria Ltda/Skypixel)

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