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Birders set record by spotting 181 different species in the Hula Valley in 24 hours

The annual Champions of the Flyway bird-watching competition attracted contestants from around the world.

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European bee-eaters feeding.European bee-eaters feeding.Photo: Wikipedia
March 30, 2017 | Latest Photo

Bird was indeed the word earlier this week in Israel's Hula Valley.

That's because the Champions of the Flyway birding competition took place in the avian paradise, which sees some 400 species of birds pass through each year.

European bee-eaters, black-crowned night herons, spotted eagles and an assortment of other beautiful birds were spotted by teams that came from around the world to raise money for bird conservation.

The winners of this year's international contest, The Arctic Redpolls, who hailed from Finland, broke an all-time record, spotting 181 species. But not to be outdone, the winners of the domestic competition, The Wallcreepers, spotted the same number.

Jonathan Meyrav and birders take a selfieChampions of the Flyway organizer Jonathan Meyrav takes a selfie with event participants. (Photo: Facebook)

A Heron in Hula Valley.A black-crowned night heron is one of the 400 or so species that can be spotted in the Hula Valley. (Photo: Marcel Holyoak/Flickr)
Greater spotted eagle walking through grassA greater spotted eagle walks through the grass in the Hula Valley. (Photo: Vladimir Kogan Michael/Shutterstock)

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