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The White Square overlooking the White City

A landmark sculpture's symbolism is explained.

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White Square sits atop a park in Tel Aviv, Israel.White Square sits atop a park in Tel Aviv, Israel.Photo: Zach Pontz
May 3, 2016 | Latest Photo

Overlooking the White City is the White Square, an environmental sculpture designed by Israeli artist Dani Karavan. Located at the edge of Tel Aviv, in Edith Wolfson Park, It is an ode to the city itself.

A 65-foot cement tower stands at the rear, meant to symbolize a steel siren that once stood in its place. Beside it is a large geometric piece composed of east-west facing shapes, which is meant to symbolize the surrounding neighborhood. Next to this is a pyramid-like structure intended to represent the tents lived in by those who built the city, and finally there is a dome-like structure with an olive tree at its center, meant to depict the orchards that surround Tel Aviv.

Lastly there is the sun dial, perhaps the most popular attraction today, used as much for skateboarding as it is for its intended purpose.

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The sun dial is used by local kids for skateboarding.The sun dial is used by local kids for skateboarding. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

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