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Taking the splits to a new level

A gymnast wows the audience with killer moves and a hula hoop.

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Israel's Victoria Veinberg FilanovskyIsrael's Victoria Veinberg FilanovskyPhoto: Maxim Malinovsky/AFP / Getty Images
May 5, 2015 | Latest Photo

While Americans donned sun hats, drank mint juleps and watched the Kentucky Derby last weekend, Europeans focused on a different sport. Top gymnasts competed in the 31st Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in Minsk, Belarus.

In this photo, Israel's Victoria Veinberg Filanovsky manages to balance upside-down on one hand while doing the splits and incorporating a hula hoop. Filanovsky joined the Israeli Gymnastics National Team in 2008. She qualified in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, where she finished 6th all-around. She frequently uses hoops, clubs, balls and ribbons in her routines — not bad for a 20-year-old.

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