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Hit the slopes at this surprising ski resort

This Mediterranean mountain is a destination for skiers, sledders and snow lovers.

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shackshackPhoto: Thomas Coex / Getty Images
February 9, 2016 | Latest Photo

When you think of the Mediterranean, you probably picture warm beaches and palm trees, and this tourist-friendly region certainly has its share of all that. But you might be surprised to discover that you can actually learn to ski on beginner routes and soar down advanced ones at the Mount Hermon resort in northern Israel. The resort draws thousands of visitors a year. Not a bad way to celebrate the season!

skiingThis mountain soars 6,000 feet high. (Photo: Jalaa Marey/Shutterstock)

snowballsUp to 12,000 snow lovers can hit these slopes at once during peak season. (Photo: Thomas Coex/Getty Images)

sledThe resort also offers sledding and Nordic skiing. (Photo: Thomas Coex/Getty Images)

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