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Lending a helping hand in Nepal

IsraAID workers clear away rubble in NepalIsraAID workers clear away rubble in NepalPhoto: IsraAID/Mickey Noam Alon
May 1, 2015 | Latest Photo

As teams from countries around the world have swooped in to help after the disastrous earthquake that shook Nepal on Saturday, the country begins its recovery – brick by brick.

In the above photo, workers from the Israeli humanitarian group IsraAID band together to clear debris. IsraAID volunteers landed on the ground less than 24 hours after the earthquake struck, helping to clear the remnants of destroyed buildings, and they already have a heartwarming story.

IsraAID Search and Rescue workers clear rubble while looking for survivors at a hotel in Kathmandu, NepalIsraAID Search and Rescue workers clear rubble while looking for survivors at a hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Photo: IsraAID/Mickey Noam Alon)

In the above photo, members of IsraAID's Search and Rescue team don their hard hats to help find survivors in the Gongabu neighborhood in Nepal's capital of Kathmandu. Together with search and rescue teams from France, Norway and Nepal, IsraAID helped rescue a young woman trapped in a hotel. The woman has since been stabilized with the help of the Mexico-based charity Cadena.

"When the young woman was finally extracted and carried away to a waiting ambulance, it was to the great relief of the large crowd that had gathered," IsraAID representatives said in a recent email update, "bringing hope that others may yet be alive."

As the country slowly but surely recovers from the devastation, any effort counts. IsraAID is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that's focused on disaster relief; it's what they do. But everyone has the power to make a difference: click here for five ways YOU can help.

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