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Hurricane relief from across the world

An Israeli organization hands out food and water in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew.

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IsraAID goes to Haiti.IsraAID goes to Haiti.Photo: IsraAID / Facebook
October 11, 2016 | Latest Photo

Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti last week, predictably leaving destruction in its wake. In addition to the devastation, many people struggled to get enough to eat. That's where IsraAID, an Israeli charity organization that has previously helped out after natural disasters in West Virginia and Nepal, stepped in.

In the photo, IsraAID members provide food and water to children in a heavily populated community in Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

"Our thoughts are with our staff, volunteers, partners, communities, and all the people of Haiti, with whom we have been proud to work for over 6 years now," writes IsraAID on Facebook.

IsraAID haifaIsraAID handed out food to 200 children at Cite Soleil, a coastal community in Haiti. (Photo: IsraAID/Facebook)

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