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Have you ever skied in the Mediterranean?

Mount Hermon features all the winter activities from your childhood.

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mount hermonmount hermonPhoto: maratr / Shutterstock
December 1, 2015 | Latest Photo

The Mediterranean may not be the first place you think about for a ski vacation, but Mount Hermon, pictured above, may have something on Aspen.

The mountain, which is located in northern Israel, soars about 6,000 feet high and has nearly 28 miles of ski runs, including plenty for both beginner and advanced skiers.

Mount Herman also offers sledding and Nordic skiing. We didn't know what Nordic skiing was (isn't all skiing kind of Nordic?), so we looked it up and discovered that it means skiers' boots aren't attached to their skis. This sounds kind of dangerous and impossible, but apparently people do it all the time.

More than 12,000 people can hit the slopes at once during peak season, which usually lasts from January through March. The slopes are surrounded by a gorgeous nature reserve that's open year-round. So snow or not, you can enjoy plenty of flora and fauna, you natural wonder seeker, you.

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