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Climber rises with the sun

Guy Catz tells the story behind this eye-popping rock climbing photo.

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Guy Catz on a sunrise climb in California.Guy Catz on a sunrise climb in California.Photo: Eylene Pirez
May 4, 2017 | Latest Photo

Los Angeles-based fitness trainer Guy Catz is always up for a challenge.

The 29-year-old Catz, who was a contestant on a recent edition of "American Ninja Warrior" on NBC, owes much of his love for exercise to when he lived in Israel. “I would go to the gym there three hours a day and train,” he told From The Grapevine. He focused on a combination of weightlifting and body-weight exercises at first. Then in 2011, he discovered his passion for rock climbing, which he described as the “ultimate challenge for the mind, body and soul.”

This above photo of Catz was taken by his friend Eylene Pirez at El Matador State Beach on the coast of California. Catz, who relishes trying new things, said his climb wasn't even on a set route. "I was just bouldering for the fun of it, for the beauty of the experience at that moment in time when the sun was rising," he told us.

When he saw the photo, his initial thought was that it should be on a calendar. My first reaction was 'Wow! Why did I just see this one now?! I would actually make it a print and hang it on my wall!'"

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