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Funny photo: Goat has errands to run, goes to the mall

The Dizengof Center – home to over 100 stores – had an out-of-the-ordinary mall walker this week. Perhaps he was headed to the food court?

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A goat enjoys a leisurely stroll at the Dizengoff Center.A goat enjoys a leisurely stroll at the Dizengoff Center.Photo: Tel Aviv-Yafo / Facebook
May 20, 2016 | Latest Photo

The term "Mallrats" was popularized back in the 1980s and referred to the influx of students who would hang out there after school. Three decades later, and we may want to start re-thinking that phrase.

We saw the photo above on Facebook of a goat and his partner leisurely walking through the Dizengof Center in Tel Aviv, a coastal metropolis in Israel. This shopping mall contains such stores as American Eagle, Burger King, Toys "R" Us and an Office Depot – although we're not 100% certain where this unlikely duo was headed. Maybe to the frozen yogurt shop or the Nike store? Or perhaps they wanted to catch the latest superhero movie at the cineplex. It's possible the goat just wanted to visit some friends over at the pet store. Your guess is as good as any.

Either way, it appears the nearby mom and her baby didn't even seem to notice. Perhaps, it's true: goats are the new mallrats.

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