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Eye-popping street art

Graffiti in this country has a proud heritage.

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Graffiti covers a home in Tel Aviv, Israel. Graffiti covers a home in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo: Zach Pontz
November 4, 2015 | Latest Photo

In Israel, street artists occupy a place in the imagination which in other countries is usually afforded to more commercially viable artists. They go by such names as Dede, Know Hope, Zero Cents, Adida Fallen Angel and Pilpeled. They are the modern-day Picasso's and Manet's of the country. Their work has given rise to organized tours, bars and many a photograph.

In the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, that vibrant city along the Mediterranean, graffiti is especially prevalent – no more so than in Florentin. Such is its influence there that a curated street gallery of neighborhood art recently went on display. Southwest of Florentin is Jaffa, where the largest city-commissioned graffiti works can be found. The house pictured above sits in neither one of those neighborhoods, being closer to the city center, a testament to the broad swath of city the artists leave (and are allowed to leave) their mark on.

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