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A perfect way to start the day

An Israeli photographer documents his breakfast extravaganza.

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breakfastbreakfastPhoto: Or Hiltch / Flickr
July 20, 2016 | Latest Photo

Okay, so this is the proper way to start off a day. The photographer, Or Hilch, got seven free breakfast coupons from his employer. He decided to spend them all at once at Café Café, a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"Me and Moran, hopeless breakfast fanatics, decided to document each of the morning glories," Hiltch writes on Flickr.

The pros: The salad was big and yummy, and the coffee was great.

The cons: "They are a little cheap on the plates," Hiltch writes.

Overall, the breakfast was pretty good; Hiltch gave it an eight out of 10. We're not sure we'd be all that critical; the Israeli salad is calling to us ...

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