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Bite into these shiny candy apples

Sweets at this bustling market are giving us major holiday treat goals.

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candy applescandy applesPhoto: RnDmS / Shutterstock
December 23, 2015 | Latest Photo

These scrumptious-looking candy apples are on sale in a market in the Israeli coastal town of Haifa.

While these holiday treats seem like a natural marriage of nature's candy and man-made candy, these desserts are actually a relatively new idea. The candy apple was invented in New Jersey by candy maker William W. Kolb in 1908. That's pretty modern compared to, say, chocolate, which has been around in candy form since the 1600s.

The Willy Wonka predecessor dipped apples in a cinnamon-candy mixture and sold the apples in his store for 5 cents each. If only we could get a deal like that today.

The candy grew popular in stores and circuses, and these apples have since become a worldwide hit. Nowadays, all kinds of candy apples are popular: from caramel-covered, to peanut, to M&M.

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