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Paper airplanes that can save lives

Former design student's cardboard drone invention featured at major London event.

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Yaniv Kadosh's school project.Yaniv Kadosh's school project.Photo: Courtesy photo
September 20, 2016 | Latest Photo

The first London Design Biennale began on Wednesday, with representatives from 30 different countries across six continents presenting their designs. The three-week event will explore the theme "Utopia by Design" – highlighting projects that change the world through smart, innovative and creative design.

One project in particular, that of Yaniv Kadosh, caught our attention. He's a graduate of Israel’s Shenkar College of Design. Kadosh created a design for AiDrop – a unique first aid platform that can drop supplies over disaster areas when road access is blocked.

AiDrop uses automatically rotating parachutes made of cardboard that contain first-aid and supply packages over disaster zones, covering wide and potentially remote places until further essentials can be delivered.

A view from underneath one of the Aid Drop drones.A view from underneath one of the AiDrop drones. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

The 36-year-old Israeli says he was inspired by the natural movement of the Sycamore tree seed. Likewise, he hopes his project will spread seeds of help and hope to people in crisis.

"I'm extremely excited and honored to be a part of the Israeli exhibition in the biennale," Kadosh told From The Grapevine when we reached him in London. "It’s a great privilege and I thank Shenkar for making this happen."

His day job is as the head of development at a startup. In his spare time, he's inventing a new chain-free bicycle, as well as working to get AiDrop from the prototype stage to reality.

Kadosh was in London this week to see his design at the event.Kadosh was in London this week to see his design at the event. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

Kadosh joins fellow Israeli and Shenkar alum Sharona Merlin, who is also showcasing a school project at the London event. Hers is called "Louder," and it's an innovative set of speakers that create a new way to experience music for those who are deaf by translating sounds into visual textures and floor vibrations.

The London Design Biennale continues until Sept. 27.

A close-up of the cardboard drone.A close-up of the cardboard drone. (Photo: Courtesy Hila Shaltieli)

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