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Landscapes transform into strange scenes with Google's DeepDream tool

These photos will have you pinching yourself to see if you're really awake.

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Trippy image of sunrise at Dead SeaTrippy image of sunrise at Dead Sea
July 22, 2015 | Latest Photo

The very same function that helps us find the photos we're looking for on Google Images can apparently also create images on its own – and the result gives Salvador Dali a run for the money.

Possibly the craziest thing to hit the Internet this year, Google's new DeepDream tool allows users to upload images and see them interpreted by the search engine's neural network. Like our own REM sleep that occurs when we are snoozing in the wee hours of the night, the network processes information and spits out a trippy photo that rivals our own perplexing dreams.

Take a look at the before and after of the photo featured above:

Google's DeepDream tool interprets a sunrise at the Dead Sea, before and afterSunrise at the Dead Sea is almost unrecognizable after its journey through the DeepDream tool. (Original photo: Ido Meirovich/Shutterstock)

With sites like dreamdeeply.com, anyone on the Web can upload their photo and see how DeepDream reimagines it. Naturally, folks around the world are jumping on the trippy train, curious to see what their favorite places, things and celebrities look like when analyzed by DeepDream.

As you can see, no pixel of the photo gets left alone without being seriously overanalyzed. It certainly makes for fascinating wall art!

Tel Aviv skyline, before and after DeepDreamTel Aviv's skyline is transformed into a surreal scene in this DeepDream interpretation. (Original photo: Dmitry Pistrov/Shutterstock)Before and after photos of a hot air balloon floating in the sky above flowersA hot-air balloon floats over a field of buttercups in Israel – or a bird-like lump floats over a field of lumpy puppies? (Original photo: kavram/Shutterstock)

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