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Harnessing renewable energy

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Windmills silhouetted against sunsetWindmills silhouetted against sunsetPhoto: Uzi Yachin / Flickr
November 21, 2014 | Latest Photo

Israel is known for its innovation when it comes to solar power, but did you know the country hosts a beautiful wind farm as well?

The Golan Heights Wind Farm, built by the Mey Eden mineral water company, was the first of its kind in Israel when it was opened in 1992. The wind farm's 10 turbines feed energy to the company's plant as well as the Golan Heights Winery nearby, with extra energy directly funneled into the region's electrical grid.

According to Wind Power Monthly, Israel has a goal of producing 800MW of wind energy by 2020, but experts say that if innovators put their minds to put, over twice that much is possible.

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