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Where you can see a carpet made of crayons

This is what happens when you put 16,000 crayons on the floor.

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Dutch and Israeli artists made a carpet out of crayons.Dutch and Israeli artists made a carpet out of crayons.Photo: Courtesy photo
June 8, 2017 | Latest Photo

When we were kids, drawing on the wall and furniture was usually frowned upon. It seems nobody told that to a group of Dutch and Israeli artists who have made an entire carpet of our crayons. It features 16,000 crayons and spans about 430 square feet. (It kind of reminds us of a nurse who made a mural out of hospital detritus or people who make art using toast.)

In addition to crayons, the collective known as "We Make Carpet" has previously worked with confetti, party hats, sponges and umbrellas. “The materials have to be available in big quantities, so they have to be mass produced, that is one of the only criteria,” they said. The artists' work is on display at Jerusalem Design Week, which kicked off today.

A carpet made out of red pencils by the same designers.A carpet made out of red pencils by the same designers. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

The annual 7-day event encompasses art exhibits all around the city. This year's theme is "Islands" and will feature the work of more than 150 artists. The 2017 event also includes the launch of four new multi-year programs: a "Teams" program, which brings together international and Israeli designers to create new works; the ‘Design Arenas’ program, where trailblazing designers serve as artistic directors for distinctive spaces; the ‘Local History’ program, focusing on an influential figure in the history of Israeli design; and the ‘Small Business program,, which connects designers and local businesses in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is no stranger to the industry. The city's Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – whose alumni have invented some truly creative projects – is ranked among the world's best design schools.

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