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Israel through the eyes of 20 amazing photographers

A new exhibit in NYC features the country's cobblestone streets, pelican flocks and natural wonders.

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migrating birdsmigrating birdsPhoto: Luis Curiel / Facebook
November 16, 2016 | Latest Photo

This photo of a majestic flock of migrating pelicans is titled "Morning" and was taken in 2016 by photographer Luis Curiel. It's part of an exhibit called "Passage to Israel" consisting of photos by 20 acclaimed photographers. The exhibit explores "the layered, soulful beauty of the land of Israel."

The photos include "a gorgeous montage of cobblestone streets and wineries, sculpture gardens and Bauhaus architecture, innovative interiors and verdant olive plantations," continues the website.

The photos will go on display tomorrow at the Anderson Contemporary Gallery in New York City. They'll continue on to Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Toronto, London, Berlin and, of course, Jerusalem. But if you want a sneak peek ...

nature reserve"Peace" at the Hula Nature Reserve by Itamar Grinberg. (Photo: Itamar Grinberg/Facebook)

pelicans"Flock of Pelicans" 2005 by Itamar Grinberg. (Photo: Itamar Grinberg/Facebook)

woman"Titi" 2015 by Tzachi Yaffe. (Photo: Tzachi Yaffe/Facebook)

jaffa sunset"Jaffa Sunset" 2014 by Iris Cohenian. (Photo: Iris Cohenian/Facebook)

man playing instrumentTel Aviv by Erez Kaganovitz. (Photo: Erez Kaganovitz/Facebook)

dancersBatsheva Dance Company, Tel Aviv by Gadi Dagon. (Photo: Gadi Dagon/Facebook)

flowers"Anemones in the Negev" 2008 by Itamar Grinberg. (Photo: Itamar Grinberg/Facebook)

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