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How plants tell a story in slow motion

This piece of artwork at the Jerusalem Biennale says so much without words.

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piece of art depicting flowerspiece of art depicting flowersPhoto: Maty Grunberg
September 29, 2017 | Latest Photo

Plants may seem like background to us fast-moving animals, but they share many of the same triumphs and challenges that we do. In this piece of artwork, "On the Watershed Line – The Tulip and the Common Thistle" by artist Maty Grunberg, different plants that can be found around Jerusalem live their own exciting lives.

"The work depicts a series of the wild plants' meetings between two cultures, between abundance and shortage, between softness and obstinacy," explained the artwork's website.

The plants here are so varied because Jerusalem is in the center of three continents. Plants from around the world naturally wind up here and find ways to adapt to the unique geography of the area in a migration story that has been going on for thousands of years.

thistles and flowers in jerusalem'On the Watershed Line – The Tulip and the Common Thistle' by artist Maty Grunberg. (Photo: Maty Grunberg)

Some plants struggle to make it in their new homes, while others work together, and still others compete. The plants tell a story in slow motion – you can watch a tulip block a thistle's sunlight, or a bush provide mulch for the tree about it.

This work is part of the Jerusalem Biennale, an art show beginning Sunday that will last until mid-November. The show will include a couple dozen individual and group exhibitions, in all different mediums – such as painting, video, photography and performance art. The 200 artists represented come from around the world, including New York, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Paris, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Singapore, New Delhi and Israel.

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