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Music break! Eurovision Song Contest gives us something to dance to

It's hard not to move to the beats of the 'Israeli Justin Timberlake.'

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bandbandPhoto: Nigel Treblin / Getty Images
May 20, 2015 | Latest Photo

Israel's Nadav Guedj gets everyone's hands in the air as he performs at a dress rehearsal in Vienna for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world and launched the careers of artists such as Céline Dion and Julio Iglesias.

Guedj was the contest's youngest participant this season. He had just turned 16 when he first auditioned. Some call him the "Israeli Justin Timberlake" because his musical style is so similar to Timberlake's. He ascended to the contest's semifinals by singing Timberlake's "Mirrors." He'll be performing an original song, "Golden Boy," in the upcoming contest.

A suit and purple shoes? This guy knows how to get our attention.


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