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Photos of the most epic hiking trail you've never heard of

Why I hiked from the city to the country with famous behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

Kiwi parsley cooler

This one's a little different than your average fruity cocktail. And we like different.

Donkey poop offers new clues about King Solomon

Dung discovery supports archaeologists' theory of where ruler's lucrative copper mines were located.

Happy birthday! A parrot named Einstein just turned 30

The bird is a genius with a vocabulary of more than 200 words and sounds.

What is Gazoz? Warning, it may make you thirsty

A healthy take on an age-old treat draws people from around the world.

Grapefruit and greens salad

The wonders of citrus, avocado and fiber-rich greens, all in one superb salad.

Thousands of EDM fans partied all night because they love the Dead Sea

French electronic music star Jean-Michel Jarre withstood high winds and performed well into early morning.

These are the healthiest countries in the world

We count down the nations that are tops in life expectancy, access to medical care and availability of clean water.

Britney Spears' concert is so big, this country just postponed an election

Date of primary changed so fans of the pop star could attend concert one day, vote the next.

Black garlic: How this unusual variation could be the missing link in your recipes

Try your hand at making black garlic, and learn the recipes that let you experience its benefits.

This company figured out how to make water out of thin air

Learn about the new technology that could save the world from a drinking water crisis.

How one woman is transforming lives in rural African villages

Nearly 1 million people now have electricity and clean water thanks to Sivan Ya'ari.

What Wonder Woman is really thinking in these just-released photos

With gratitude to DC Comics, we present the glorious Gal Gadot all glamed up and gearing to go.

The new extra-powerful solar panels that could replace fossil fuels

These scientists are making solar power 70 percent more efficient.

Waffle iron cinnamon rolls

Are they waffles? Are they cinnamon rolls? No one knows, or cares. We're all too busy eating them.