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This viral sensation is now going on tour

Adorable couple's homemade music videos have led to an album, just released this week.

Banana nut butter bon bons

These bite-sized treats may look like an indulgent dessert, but they're full of good-for-you ingredients, too.

Why Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' could be a rocking hit

With top-tier talent, the movie about the legendary band has us feeling like champions.

Are these the genes that taught humans to speak?

Scientists figured out how the DNA responsible for our voices changed as our ancient ancestors evolved.

18-year-old gymnast makes history at World Championships

Linoy Ashram became the first Israeli rhythmic gymnast to win an individual all-around medal at the competition.

New study reveals just how bad the American opioid crisis has become

Researchers found skyrocketing numbers of overdose cases over the years, and a need to better support patients after they're released.

Chickpea and heirloom tomato salad

Colors burst and flavor abounds in this crisp, vibrant salad made with farm-fresh heirloom tomatoes.

Everything we know about the 'Uncharted' movie

The adaptation of the hit video game franchise is on an adventure through the Hollywood movie-making machine.

Scientists possibly heard aliens calling us last Saturday

More than a dozen radio bursts were heard from a mysterious source in the far reaches of our universe.

Silan chicken and Israeli couscous bowl

Everything-in-one-bowl meals are all the rage now, and this Israeli couscous and silan grilled chicken is no exception.

Everything we know about 'Blade Runner 2049'

From the film's setting to its mysterious characters, the dystopian world of 'Blade Runner' has never looked more hauntingly inviting.

This high-tech comb cures head lice without chemicals

For those of you who will do anything to avoid – and eliminate – your child's head lice, this is must-have information.

7 predictions for 'Game of Thrones' season 8

Who will make it to see the end of the great game? We read the tea leaves on the final season of HBO's epic fantasy series.

No-bake chocolate eclair cake

This luscious no-bake cake will take you back to the eclairs of your childhood on the first creamy bite.

What the stars of 'Wonder Woman' looked like in 2004

We turn the clock back on the cast of one of 2017's hottest films.