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What we learned about Gal Gadot from her W Magazine profile

The 'Wonder Woman' star revealed her first crush, why she left law school and how Beyoncé inspired her.

Does cold weather make you smarter?

A new psychological study suggests that looking at photos of cold weather may improve alertness and ability to complete tasks.

Nurse designs mosaic with 10,000 pieces of discarded hospital plastic

From syringes to medicine caps, Tilda Shalof has found a way to remember three decades of patients.

Everything we know about 'The Last of Us Part II' video game

A sequel to the 2013 hit horror-thriller is on the horizon. Here are all the rumors and hints we've discovered about one of gaming's most anticipated sequels.

With flowers in their hair and smiles on their faces

A beautiful field of blooms in Israel is the perfect backdrop for springtime selfies.

5 ways to immerse yourself in the ‘Star Wars’ universe

From a walk-on role in a future film to dizzying virtual reality combat, these experiences put fans in the middle of the 'Star Wars' galaxy.

5 ways to give that stale bread new life

Because repurposing that outdated loaf sure beats throwing it away.

These private companies are fueling the space race

Astropreneurship is now a thing, and the competition is heating up.

A miniature world comes alive in the Big Apple

Travel like Gulliver through famous landmarks from around the globe, now on display in Times Square.

Oreo cheesecake bites

One bite and you’ll be in heaven with these creamy, cookie-coated cheesecake delights.

This superhero-inspired tech is now a reality

From Batman to Spider-Man, superhero technology has moved from the comics to the shopping cart.

Stunning works of mosaic art made entirely out of toast

Toast isn't just for shmearing with your favorite spread. Check out these 5 works of toast art from around the world.

7 foods made infinitely better by adding whiskey

Some call it the 'water of life.' We call it your new favorite ingredient.

Your weather forecast just got more personal

TV meteorologists can predict weather in your city, and apps can predict it in your zip code. Now cell phone towers can predict it on your block.

Behold, the world’s oldest tooth fillings

Archaeologists in Italy discovered ancient teeth with large cavities, suggesting that dentistry goes back a lot longer than we thought.