Fresh apricot tart

Baked in a plain short crust, this dessert spotlights the delicious apricot in all its grandeur.

Rice with nettles

The unique, rich, dark taste of this plant enhances all sorts of foods.

Basil bread

A golden crust flecked with dark green wraps this moist loaf.

Asian-flavored salmon skewers

An appetizing Japanese-inspired fish dish.

New apps put a math tutor in your hands

Having trouble with algebra? These two apps show how to solve problems.

Glazed turnips

Your opinion of the humble turnip is sure to change after trying this delicious recipe.

Roasted cherry tomato pesto

Sweet tomatoes – and a surprising dash of garlic salt – add up to a delicious treat for a get-together.

Crisp-skinned potatoes

A healthy side dish that has both flavor and crunch.

Israeli charred eggplant salad

A full-flavored Mediterranean dish that works as both an appetizer or a main dish.

Saffron yeast cake

This delectable dessert is both sweet and spicy.

Leftover turkey stir-fry

This savory recipe may look like a lot of work, but it's relatively easy to make.

Ashkelon's ancient seaport

In southern Israel, an ancient port city offers spectacular views.

Ma'amoul cookies

Traditional Mediterranean cookies stuffed with dates or walnuts, exotically perfumed with rosewater.

Mushrooms baked in vine leaves

A century-old recipe that has stood the test of time.

Green soup with chicken dumplings

A warming, filling soup – perfect for a cozy winter dinner.