Benyamin Cohen is host of the 'Our Friend from Israel' podcast.Benyamin Cohen is host of the 'Our Friend from Israel' podcast.

'Our Friend from Israel' podcast debuts Tuesday

In the first episode, host Benyamin Cohen (left) interviews Dr. Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard's astronomy department, about his search for aliens. Subscribe now!

Plus: Read our profile of alien hunter Avi Loeb

Tailor-made tours offer inside peek of contemporary fashion scene

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Director of 'Food Stamped' and 'Crime After Crime' embraces the unpredictable

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Cherry cobbler

Juicy cherries topped with a flaky sweet crust.

Fresh figs poached in spiced wine

An out-of-the-ordinary dessert to impress your dinner guests.

Turkish salad

This healthy side dish adds a dash of color to any table.

Overnight chicken stew with Israeli couscous

This slow-cook recipe does most of the work while you're out and about.

Jerusalem artichokes and mushrooms

What starts as a dry root turns into a delicious meal.

Cardoon and potato gratin

A bitter thistle yields a rich appetizer.

A market that has the best of the Mediterranean

Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv is the place to go to find the freshest and tastiest Mediterranean foods.

Pears in wine

This dessert is easy on the palate, and on the eyes.

Tahini cookies

Cookies so delicious you'll want to hide some away for later.

Butternut squash stuffed with quinoa

Packed with nutrients, this healthy dish is quite satisfying.


The side dish adds a dash of color to any meal.

Rice pudding with drunken raisins

This rich and creamy dessert is deeply favored and not too sweet.

Golden hour in the Hula Valley

No wonder the birds flock to this wetland locale in the fall – the view is incredible.