Spiced fig jam with red wine

This scrumptious jam pairs well with wine and cheese.

Salmon with orange-ginger glaze served with cheese-stuffed tomatoes

An orange-juice glaze adds bright natural flavor to this salmon dish. Pair it with stuffed tomatoes for a perfect light meal.

Turkey tajine with dried fruit

Cranberries, apricots and more add piquancy and sweetness to this pungent stew.

A harvest winter in Israel

The countryside is painted with golden hills during chilly months.

Fried potato pancakes

This recipe gives you a crispy and delicious full meal.

Homemade garlic chicken nuggets

Baked in a crisp crust and served hot, these garlicky chicken bites are irresistible.

Eating at odd times can make you fat

The interplay between your circadian rhythm and your gut microbiome can lead to an expanding waistline.

Fast-charging cell phone battery thanks to Alzheimer’s research

StoreDot demonstrates cell phone battery prototype that can be fully recharged in 30 seconds.

American blues dancing swings into Tel Aviv

A blues dancing festival gets people moving.

Stuffed artichokes, Moroccan style

Our chef likes to 'stuff stuff,' and this recipe is just one example.

How to make homemade applesauce

Fresh sauce offers delectable flavors you just can't find in store-bought brands.

The fashion designer behind 'that dress' in 'The Hunger Games'

'Project Runway Israel' winner has also designed dresses for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

Moroccan fish stew

A rich, yet light, fish stew with spicy Moroccan aromas.

A fruity twist on kitchenware

You can drink it, eat it ... and eat from it?

Spicy eggplant in garlic sauce

Sweet and sour and chili hot, this Chinese-inspired dish will wow your guests.