Sourdough pancakes

Take a cup off your refreshed starter for a quick batch of sourdough pancakes.

Albert Einstein goes digital

Thousands of the influential scientist's papers are now available online.

Spinach patties

Green fritters? If you like spinach, why not?

Salmon and potato casserole

A quick-cooking and substantial salmon recipe.

Spaghetti with walnuts and herbed crumbs

Spaghetti gets a delicious covering of flavor from lots of fresh herbs, walnuts, and Parmesan.

Dawn in Tel Aviv

Street lights glow in the last moments of darkness in this amazing panoramic photo.

Short, sweet and sensational: Israel's 7 best day hikes

Incredible views don't have to be achieved at the end of a long, sweaty, exhausting climb.

How to make falafel at home

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From repurposed space to nightlife destination

The club Kartel has brought the 'cool' to downtown Haifa.

Zucchini and potato tian

A rustic baked gratin of eggs, vegetables, cheese and more.

Chicken fillets crusted with nuts and herbs

This baked chicken is juicy on the inside and crusty on the outside.

​Bulgur and freekah pilaf

Nuts and cranberries brighten this whole-grain dish made with freekah – smoked green wheat.

Wireless sensor can save patients' lives

New technology from EarlySense helps hospitals respond faster.

Curried turkey salad

A savory and light summer dish that is sure to please all your guests.

Do you know where this photo was taken?

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