Chicken soup

A rich, golden broth is a full-flavored antidote to the common cold.

Eggplant stuffed with fruity bulgur

Bulgur studded with dried and fresh fruit on a base of firm eggplant.

Slow cooker meatballs

Ever heard of a klop? These Old World meatballs get a modern makeover.

Crowdfunding site pairs entrepreneurs and investors

OurCrowd combines crowdfunding with venture capital to give startups a head start.

Summer bulgur salad

With a light, nutty flavor, this healthy carb goes with many dishes.

Tattoos for commitment-phobes

Temporary tattoos aren't just found in Cracker Jack boxes anymore.

Sourdough cornmeal bread

Serve a hearty soup with this golden corn bread.

Forget the mall: 7 interesting 'Old World' street markets

These classic retail centers have great deals and even better atmosphere.

Orange rolls

Aromatic and delectable, these pastries will have everyone asking for more.

Move over, Craigslist: The buy/sell/trade trend has gone social

People who regularly buy, sell and swap used goods find comfort and convenience in Facebook groups.

Strawberry sorbet

A refreshing, light dessert or palate cleanser at a big meal.

Stewed chicken with wine gravy

A little white wine adds that touch of sharpness and richness to this particularly comforting stew.

Lip-smacking limoncello

The peels of fresh, unsprayed lemons yield a delicious drink.

Graphic artist reimagines cityscapes into striking drawings

Yoni Alter's bold work utilizes skyscrapers, transportation icons and other elements.

Slow-cooked salmon with preserved lemons and garlic confit

A clay pot helps deliver a moist and richly flavored filet.