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Miss summer? Listen to these Beach Boys hits

Mike Love and company are coming to a town near you.

Brown bear goes for a green safari swim

A bear paddles through a duckweed-filled pond at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv.

Pelicans flock at dusk

In a graceful movement, pelicans take to the water as schools of fish traverse just under the surface.

A stony sunset hike along the Sea of Galilee

An isolated group of trees stands out along this hillside hike.

Century-old Salesian monastery doubles as meteorological station

Beit Jamal is more than just a church — it's a concert hall and it measures the weather.

11 beautiful basalt columns around the world

It's amazing what a little lava and a lot of time can produce.

5 intriguing buildings inspired by bees

Architects have been fascinated by these tiny insects' homes for centuries.

Dive in to the warm waters of Gan Hashlosha

This national park in Israel is a year-round destination for water lovers.

Raising awareness and understanding of deaf culture

Exhibits and restaurants help people expand their senses and learn new ways to communicate.

8 of the most elaborate wedding cakes

The meticulous works of talented designers, you almost don't want to eat these beautiful creations.

One man's journey to document public art

Photographer Richard Margolis found inspiration in the form of art during his brief stay in Israel.

How does Dead Sea salt form those giant cubes?

Geology and chemistry come together to explain this natural phenomenon.

Why upside-down coffee is so popular in Israel

A favorite in many Israeli coffeehouses, café hafuch is the latte's milkier cousin.

Southern sunrise sets Negev aglow

The desert sky glows with hues of yellow, orange and purple in this incredible capture.

The pros of cons: A celebration of geek culture

Around the world, diverse fan gatherings are growing in number and popularity.