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Butternut squash gratin

A sweet vegetable pairs perfectly with a cheese crust.

Lamb osso bucco

Enjoy this slow-cooked neck of lamb in its own flavorful gravy.

Barley risotto with zucchini and walnuts

This versatile grain, mixed with vegetables and nuts, will fill you up on cold winter days.

7 of the toughest baby animals

These young creatures might be cute, but they're also incredibly resilient.

Easy 5 ingredient shakshouka

This perfect brunch dish provides a fresh take on eggs.

Fresh corn muffins

These kernel-studded cornbread muffins make a terrific breakfast dish.

Risotto with nettles and carrots

Nettles bring a different and delicious flavor to conventional risotto.

Chickpea sambusak

Mediterranean turnovers stuffed with a piquant chickpea filling.

Meatloaf with a twist

An easy dinner meatloaf enriched with Mediterranean herbs.

6 vacation spots to satisfy your inner philanthropist

Take a volunteer vacation that satisfies more than just your wanderlust.

Youth village leader named a global hero

Center has housed at-risk immigrant youth for more than half a century.

Saffron rice with winter vegetables

An old steaming method delivers a cozy winter recipe.

A lively sunset over the Dead Sea

The sun sets over the lowest lake on Earth in this amazing photo.

Fish soup for winter dinners

An aromatic, briny soup full of Mediterranean flavors.

Corn chowder

Warm up with this light – but filling – soup.