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World's oldest man dies just short of 114th birthday

Yisrael Kristal was a retired candy maker who had lived in Israel since 1950.

Was the oldest mug shop in history just discovered?

Archaeologists have found a chalkstone vessel workshop that dates back thousands of years.

Zucchini caprese salad

Bellissimo! A more veggie-forward version of the classic Italian caprese salad.

How black food is lighting up the culinary world

When food takes a dark turn, it can really benefit your diet.

Israel's first whisky distillery selling off its first 100 bottles

Milk & Honey is releasing a special line of single-malt whisky after a 3-year aging period.

What it's like to be friends with Jackie Mason and George Carlin

Comedian Danny Lobell accidentally wandered into a friendship with some of history's most legendary comedians.

The newest 'Star Wars' sidekick will have you swooning with cuteness

He's so cuddly, you'll want to curl up next to one while you're watching 'The Last Jedi.'

Einstein had his own baseball card ... as did Shakespeare, Hamilton and 132 other luminaries

Topps' special 1952 'Look N See' set can now fetch in the thousands at sports conventions.

This designer is selling an entirely 3D-printed jacket, and we want it

Danit Peleg's not even 30 yet, and she's already a global pioneer in the fashion industry. That, friends, is #lifegoals.

Why we wish we were sitting on a Tel Aviv beach right now

From great waves to relaxing sunsets, we round up 6 reasons you should be grabbing your passport and a swimsuit.

Grilled veggie tahini sub

These savory sandwiches are overloaded with roasted veggies and creamy tahini sauce.

The newest TV singing competition is like 'American Idol' in reverse

The talent show called 'The Four' is coming to FOX will have a slightly unusual format.

Beyond ice cream: Non-dairy frozen treats to make before summer’s over

You don't have to sacrifice your health to enjoy a delicious dessert now and then.

5 reasons you need to visit this Mediterranean beach town

The coastal Israeli city of Netanya offers breathtaking views ... and a beach elevator.

There's another planet out there, and it's surprisingly Earth-like

It's the strongest evidence yet that other solar systems have traits similar to our own.