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10 of the strangest degrees you can get at college

From watching TV to managing golf courses, these unusual programs can make you a college grad.

Hit Israeli film to become Broadway musical

'The Band's Visit' is set to hit the big stage this fall.

Our guide to the top U.S. restaurants that serve Israeli cuisine

We've rounded up the best places to experience the flavors and freshness of Mediterranean food.

No-bake desserts for an easy, breezy summer menu

Don't let warm weather get in the way of a delicious dessert.

NFL Hall of Famers go on a Mediterranean vacation together

The football legends banded together with Robert Kraft to help promote the sport in Israel.

Scientists discover a hidden ancient message – and it's a plea for more booze

It turns out wine parties were a thing 2,600 years ago.

Easy chicken shawarma

You can make this delightful street food at home in no time at all.

Forget lawns; try these beautiful, easy and useful alternatives

Imagine walking outside into a Japanese rock garden or wildlife refuge.

Everything you need to know about the new 'Justice League' movie

From its visual style to the big alien villain, this superhero ensemble film is shaping up to deliver a giant 'POW!'

Why did someone take clean drinking water and turn it into ocean water?

It seems counterintuitive, but this new artificial seawater technique could actually raise healthier fish.

The many ways to cook with leeks

These veggies are tops in taste, versatility and ease of cooking. That's precisely why we love cooking with them.

Grilled apricot salad

Grilling fruit can go a long way toward brightening up – and deepening the flavors of – your favorite dishes.

What do 'Game of Thrones' and Albert Einstein have in common?

It's Ania Bukstein, an Israeli actress bursting onto the scene with roles in both the HBO blockbuster and the NatGeo bio series 'Genius.'

Get ready for wireless charging in the iPhone 8

According to a new report, those pesky wires may be going extinct.

Daniel Radcliffe gets lost in the 'Jungle' for next role

The actor stars in a new movie, based on a true story, that's drawing comparisons to 'The Revenant.'