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Scientists discover novel way of detecting Einstein's gravitational waves

They built a 'super-sensitive gravitational wave detector' to check twice for the ripples in space.

These sneaky sea creatures are hitching rides inside the guts of other fish

Scientists discovered that an invasive fish species is using rabbitfish to travel around the Mediterranean.

Pomegranate citrus quinoa salad

A refreshing, crunchy salad packed with complete protein, fruits and vegetables for a ‘powerfuel’ lunch.

'Genius: Chapter Four' episode recap – Scientists discover Einstein

Did you miss the fourth episode of the NatGeo series about Albert Einstein? Catch up here with this 'Genius' instant recap.

Move over, beef: New plant-based proteins are healthy and tasty

There's no shortage of products that deliver protein from sources other than meat. Which ones are best for you?

This 'Star Trek' parody goes where Seth MacFarlane has never gone before

'Family Guy' creator's space adventure spoof, 'The Orville,' is one of the most anticipated TV shows debuting this fall.

This nearby planet could be where all the aliens are hiding

Researchers discovered that Proxima b has the right climate for oceans. And extraterrestrials.

Photos: Zoo animals that were nice to me

I went to Israel's Ramat Gan Safari and came across a lot of animals who gave me a hand (or paw).

What are the first real-life jobs of these celebrities?

From fast food to door-to-door insurance, the early jobs of these celebrities were far from glamorous.

Video: Digging up a 4,000-year-old house near Jerusalem

Ever wanted to see what an archaeological expedition looks like up close?

Apple and leek salad

Sweet and savory merge in perfect harmony in this unconventional salad.

Super-fast-charging smartphone could be in your hands next year

CEO says his 5-minute phone charger will start production in early 2018.

Chocolate caramel pretzel tart

Rich chocolate filling nestled in a salty pretzel crust and topped with caramel sauce.

Want to look younger? Stop smiling

A new study found that people who smile actually look older than people who frown or look surprised.

The 10 best animated movies of the 21st century (according to us)

From talking toys to singing frogs, these animated films are already considered bonafide classics.