Owls dance and a giraffe tries to lick the camera in these screenshots from GoPro videos Owls dance and a giraffe tries to lick the camera in these screenshots from GoPro videos What do you get when you put a GoPro in front of an animal? A good laugh. (Collage: GoPro/YouTube and fallenout/YouTube)

Watch animals react to GoPros

From dancing owls to hungry giraffes, animals are endlessly fascinated by the portable – and, thankfully, durable! – camera.

Nothing compares to the humorous curiosity of an animal confronted with a strange new plaything. With the advent of the small but sturdy GoPro camera, we now have a unique perspective into just how curious critters can be. 

A fan favorite and all-around hilarious video comes from wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz, who hosts resident burrowing owls in her yard. Her hidden GoPro captured some amazing footage of the birds – and as it turns out, burrowing owls sure know how to boogie! Take a look at the hilarious remix below: 

While those owls took advantage of some privacy to experiment with the GoPro, one photographer decided to venture out to Israel's Ramat Gan Safari to see how animals would react to the small, plastic camera mounted on a hiking stick. The results are giggle-worthy:

A safari zoo is one thing, but out in the wild, it's a completely different story. Take the cheetah, for example, who must assess every unknown object the only way a big cat knows how: by chewing on it.

Some animals react to cameras the same way we humans do – with a selfie! Traveler Ailton Schoemberger learned this lesson when a monkey stole his GoPro during his visit to the Uluwatu Temple in Bali. "After a few minutes of panic, a sweet lady who works in the temple made a 'deal' with Mr. Monkey and trade[d] my camera for some fruit," Schoemberger writes in the YouTube description. "I lost the battery but got this awesome and unexpected video." 

So next time you're looking for the "perfect shot" or National Geographic-level wildlife footage, don't underestimate the power of the curious subject – just know you might not be getting your camera back.


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