A rhino at the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel. A rhino at the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel. A rhino at the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Too funny: Runaway rhino makes a break for it

Did he make it? Watch the escape attempt on video.

It's never a good idea to leave the entrance to a compound containing some of the world's most massive animals wide open. We repeat, Never. Case in point: The video of this rhinoceros nonchalantly walking out of the front gate of the Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan, a 250-acre site in central Israel that consists of both a drive-through African safari area and a modern outdoor zoo.


Fortunately, the frantic figure that flies through the frame about two-thirds of the way through the video is a security guard. More fortunately, he was able to alert two zoo employees who were then able to track down the rhino and bring it back. This is a very excellent thing when one considers that this was a white rhinoceros, considered to be the world's largest mammal after the elephant. It can weigh up to 3 tons, which is a lot of force to be running through the streets.


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