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Ancient Roman theater unearthed in Jerusalem

Archaeologists are calling it a 'sensational find.'

For first time, researchers complete map of every vertebrate on earth

The newly finished 'Atlas of Life' contains some amazing stats and facts.

Nobody's photographed a sand kitten in the wild ... until now

A research team just found this rare animal in the African desert.

The best of humanity: How the world is helping Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of one of the most devastating hurricanes in history, many are stepping up to the plate in bold ways.

Why do people become so nice during natural disasters?

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were destructive, but they brought out something beautiful in people.

Israel group rushes in to help Floridians after historic storm

As the state begins to assess the damage from Hurricane Irma, EMS volunteers from across the world will be there.

Why bats can't help flying into windows

New research sheds light on the biological glitch that's threatening the survival of the species.

Did this ancient fishing spot create civilization?

This valley may have been so lush that it allowed hunter-gatherers to develop towns before farming.

Love at first sight: Mama monkey adopts baby chicken

Watch this most adorable duo convince us that the world is an OK place after all.

Can Facebook save the planet?

Learn how social media managers are using the Internet to amplify their causes.

What can anti-social bees teach us about autism in humans?

We're not so different, you and I. A new study draws intriguing comparisons between bees and people.

After historic Nepalese flooding, help arrives from across the world

Tel Aviv-based IsraAid has sent 16 relief workers to the devastated region.

Was the oldest mug shop in history just discovered?

Archaeologists have found a chalkstone vessel workshop that dates back thousands of years.

There's another planet out there, and it's surprisingly Earth-like

It's the strongest evidence yet that other solar systems have traits similar to our own.

Archaeologists discover lost home of Jesus' apostles

The birthplace of Peter, Philip and Andrew – near the Sea of Galilee in Israel – was just found hundreds of feet below sea level.