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A stony sunset hike along the Sea of Galilee

An isolated group of trees stands out along this hillside hike.

11 beautiful basalt columns around the world

It's amazing what a little lava and a lot of time can produce.

Dive in to the warm waters of Gan Hashlosha

This national park in Israel is a year-round destination for water lovers.

How does Dead Sea salt form those giant cubes?

Geology and chemistry come together to explain this natural phenomenon.

Southern sunrise sets Negev aglow

The desert sky glows with hues of yellow, orange and purple in this incredible capture.

9 of the world's most amazing aquariums

By bringing people face to face with the underwater world, they're encouraging conservation of the world's oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.

A rare and fantastic view: Vibrant colors of autumn peak in northern Israel

A pathway through the trees is framed by hues of orange and yellow.

How often does it snow in the Mediterranean?

This subtropical, beach-heavy region was under more than a foot of snow a few winters ago. Is global warming to blame?

Israel's most beautiful agricultural crop

Hot air balloons float above a field of bright yellow sunflowers in Galilee.

8 coastal cliffs that might cure your fear of heights – or make it worse

A peek over the edge of towering seafront cliffs.

Vivid sunrise paints the Dead Sea neon pink

Bright pinks, blues and yellows stretch across the sky and reflect in the still waters of Israel's Dead Sea in this unforgettable photo.

Swimming toward the sunset

Beachgoers swim and birds fly toward the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea in this amazing photo.

Getting back to nature: 8 best places to camp in Israel

Spend the night among Israel's most beautiful landscapes.

How one extinct species returned to thrive

The Hula painted frog, ruled extinct in 1996, now lives happily in the swamps of the Hula Nature Reserve.

A peaceful walk in the woods

Trees tower over lush undergrowth in this shady corner of Upper Galilee.