Nature - Page 35

Autumn colors paint the rolling hills of northern Israel

Trees come alive with hues of orange and yellow in this striking photograph.

Underwater photography competition showcases international talent

From the clear blue waters of the Red Sea off the coast of Eilat, several beautiful photographs have emerged.

A refreshing pit stop along the Golan Hiking Trail

A green pool amid rocky cliffs in northern Israel offers cool relief for hikers.

The secret life of foxes: Nature photographer finds muse in quizzical creatures

Alex Geifman has a unique perspective on these sly animals.

Along the green shores of the Mediterranean

Grass blows in the sea breeze on the verdant coastline of Haifa, the third largest city in Israel.

Dusk in Tel Aviv

The sun sets under a bridge along the Mediterranean coast.

Why the Mediterranean has the largest raptor migration in the world

Birds of prey numbering in the millions use a geographic shortcut to move between winter and summer habitats.

Paragliding over patchwork fields

Patches of blue, orange, green and red adorn this valley in Israel.

Farm animal sanctuaries provide refuge for homeless livestock

Horses, donkeys, goats, roosters and more find rest and relaxation at these shelters around the world.

Sunlight filters through a forest of cyclamen flowers

A meadow of cyclamen flowers blankets the floor of this wooded area in northern Israel.

Crepuscular rays shine over Mount Carmel's breathtaking vista

The rolling hills of northern Israel are aglow with sunlight in this amazing photo.

Man's best friendship at least 14,000 years old

Some say domesticated dogs have been around even longer.

Little owl gets a 'kiss'

This lucky bird gets a peck on the cheek — but is it a courtship ritual or a grooming behavior?

Brown bear goes for a green safari swim

A bear paddles through a duckweed-filled pond at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv.

Pelicans flock at dusk

In a graceful movement, pelicans take to the water as schools of fish traverse just under the surface.