Christmas tree worm Christmas tree worm Scuba divers love to photograph these guys. (Photo: / Shutterstock)

The most beautiful Christmas trees are living underwater

See the strange animal that looks an awful lot like holiday decor.

If you happen to be a character in a Christmas movie, you might be competing to decorate a prettier Christmas tree than your neighbors. But no matter how many lights you string around your tree or baubles you hook onto its branches, you'll never outdo the Christmas tree worm.

Christmas tree worm These worms aren't great at swimming or moving. (Photo: Kim David / Shutterstock)

Yep. Believe it or not, that's a worm. These animals live underwater in tropical oceans. You can find them anywhere from Florida to the southern Israeli port of Eilat.

Christmas tree worm Worms in Hawaii. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The worms use their gorgeous spirals to eat and breath. Using filter feeding, they catch tiny organisms.

Many aquariums purposefully include coral that Christmas tree worms inhabit because the animals are so gosh darn cool-looking.

Christmas tree worm Worms on the Elbow Reef in Florida. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Christmas tree worm Worms near Komodo, Indonesia. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Christmas tree worm They come in all different colors. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Christmas tree worm The animal's scientific name is 'Spirobranchus giganteus.' (Photo: Wikipedia)


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