Sunset and waves Sunset and waves A late summer sunset as the tide rolls in. (Photo: Izhar Laufer / Flickr)

Lagoons, rocky coastline and marine life: Explore Achziv National Park

This coastline park offers marine adventures for visitors and wildlife alike.

For a beach experience that's quite different from the busy shores of Tel Aviv, Achziv National Park offers the chance to explore, relax and observe marine animals in their natural habitat. The ruins of an old Crusader fortress and a human history that dates back thousands of years adds intrigue to this Mediterranean coastline in northern Israel.

Wide view of Achziv Naitonal Park A rocky coastline is home to many tide pools and interesting architectural structures. (Photo: ilan sharif/Flickr)

Achziv National Park is located on Israel's northern shore, in Western Galilee. The beautiful cliffs of Rosh Hanikra border it to the north and the ancient port city of Acre lies to the south of the park.

Turkish fortress ruinsThe ruins of an old fortress add history and mystery to this national park. (Photo: irisphoto1/Shutterstock)

The castle ruins are coupled with slightly more modern structures that have been built over the years, all blending in to the coastline. The ancient city was once a major port in the area. Just a few steps from the sand-colored walls takes visitors to shallow turquoise waters.

sunset with peopleVisitors enjoy the sunset view at the beach. (Photo: Izhar Laufer/Flickr)

Once the ruins have been thoroughly explored, visitors can relax in one of two lagoons for a family-friendly protected swimming experience, immersed in the serene ocean environment. The lagoons aren't just for people — sea creatures can be found lounging among the rocks.

Tide poolsLow tide at Achziv Beach shows the pockets of tide pools along the coast. (Photo: David King/Flickr)

At low tide, the coast becomes spotted with tide pools. Octopuses, sea urchins, sea anemones and other fascinating wildlife make their homes here.

Lagoon sunsetA calm sunset over the lagoon. (Photo: Izhar Laufer /Flickr)

In late summer, sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beach. Since the 1980s, the Israel Nature and Parks authority has been protecting and preserving these threatened species. Like other countries on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel has joined in on the worldwide quest to protect these incredible creatures, which is especially important when the baby sea turtles hatch.

Long exposure sunsetA wispy sunset paints the beach pink. (Photo: meir akrish/Flickr)

Whether people visit the national park to enjoy wildlife, swim in the water, or hike along the coast, one thing is for certain: the park is at the height of its splendor during the evening hours of sunset.


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