Drone photographers are increasingly leveraging their aerial view of the world to capture outstanding vistas of our world. Drone photographers are increasingly leveraging their aerial view of the world to capture outstanding vistas of our world. If you love aerial photography, you're going to want to start following these drone pros on Instagram. (Photo: Ed Dunens / Flickr)

7 dazzling drone photographers to follow on Instagram

Need some visual inspiration from above? These drone photographers are changing the way we view our beautiful world.

In only a few short years, the world of drone photography has transformed from one of intriguing possibilities to full-blown artistic expression. Rapid advancements in technology coupled with experienced photographers adding drones to their toolkits has given way to unparalleled views of our world.

Below are just a handful of talented drone pilots whose photos from above will cause you to pause in wonder on Instagram.

Erez Marom | @erezmarom

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Since discovering a passion for photography almost 10 years ago, Israeli Erez Marom has not only turned it into a full-time career, but also expanded into teaching and writing on the subject. The former Tel Aviv University engineering grad, who regularly travels the world to capture the beauty of nature, recently made news after taking his drone a little too close to a lava flow in Hawaii and partially melting his camera.

“The drone is perfectly usable and flies perfectly,” Marom told PetaPixel. “Other than the plastic surrounding the camera being molten, it’s the same as before."

Taking risks such as the above has enabled Marom to capture absolutely stunning views of vistas both frozen, green and red hot. To follow him on his next adventure or just simply marvel over what was clearly an excellent career choice, check out his Instagram portfolio here.

Tobias Hägg | @airpixels

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Into the Wild

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Swedish filmmaker/photographer Tobias Hägg is an aerial artist who has that special eye for capturing unique views of Earth's natural beauty. From the world's most beautiful bus stop to the spiky beauty of evergreens reaching for the heavens, his is the kind of portfolio that induces jaws to drop. For those who aspire to follow in his footsteps, Hägg also has a helpful list of the most common equipment he uses to capture his art.

"My work is often inspired by nature and the beautiful things we usually take for granted," he writes on his official AirPixels site. "Behind every shot there is an idea of what I would like to accomplish and I hope you will find my work interesting."

Stian Klo | @stianmklo

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When it comes to capturing unbelievable vistas of raw nature, Norwegian landscape photographer Stian Klo has everything he needs in his own backyard. Based out of northern Norway, Klo regularly leads photo tours of his region's spectacular mountains, fjords, lakes, beaches and waterfalls. One scroll through his Instagram and you'll quickly find a theme of rugged beauty running through his portfolio.

"The surrounding landscape where I live is just mind blowing," he said in a recent interview. "I pretty much have untouched nature on my doorstep – so each day is a blessing."

Michael Goetze and Jampal Williamson | @saltywings

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In only a year, Australian aerial photographers Michael Goetze and Jampal Williamson have turned their Salty Wings brand from a hobby to an industry-leading business. A shared love of capturing remote and unique landscapes, coupled with a passion for drone technology, has resulted in an Instagram account that makes you want to drop everything and visit Australia.

"For us, it's about finding landscapes that are unlike anything we have ever seen before, and capturing them in a dream-like way, usually just before sunrise or just after the sun is set when the light is soft," the pair told DJI.

Irenaeus Herok | @iherok

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Irenaeus Herok, a Polish commercial photographer based in Sydney, has a talent for capturing the surreal blues of the sea, the dusty, wind-swept mystique of the desert, or the scifi glitterati of the modern city. The most recent subject on his fascinating Instagram account is Dubai, with aerial shots showcasing its shifting sands, colorful camels, and aquamarine coastline.

"Each place has its very own moods," he told Travelbook. "I like the ocean because the light changes more drastically and more frequently, and the desert with its intrinsic pacifying disposition."

Henry Do | @henry_do

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You don't have to scroll far through aerial photographer Henry Do's Instagram page to arrive at the conclusion that this is one well-traveled individual. The Vietnamese-American, who enjoys a full time career as a freelance travel photographer, has a talent for mixing aerial photos of nature and urban environments with ease. Another strong theme? Color. Even with the bleakest setting, Do has a knack for coaxing out some unexpected piece of the spectrum to draw the eye.

Jason Agnello | @dronephotography716

American aerial photographer Jason Agnello captures stunning vistas and scenes through the lens of the revolving seasons of Western New York. His Instagram site features unparalleled views of the architectural experimentation of the city of Buffalo, N.Y., as well as Lake Erie and the surrounding countryside. Those interested in post-production techniques will also find Agnello regularly testing and making good use of the latest in visual enhancements and other effects to turn ordinary aerial perspectives into extraordinary pieces of art.


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