Jaffa sunset Jaffa sunset A neon sunset in Jaffa. (Photo: Sergei25 / Shutterstock)

8 of Israel's best beaches for sunsets

Take in the vivid scenery, from the Mediterranean coast to the Sea of Galilee.

There's no better way to end the day than by soaking in the colors of a bright sunset. And there's no better spot to watch the sunset than on a beach — the seemingly limitless sky appears to blend in with the water as the sun's rays reflect off of the waves.

As a country with a long coastline, inland lakes and seas, and even a gulf that hosts a coral reef ecosystem, Israel has no shortage of opportunities to see a glorious sunset.

Here are some beaches that offer the best views:

Aqueduct BeachRoman aqueduct ruins frame a golden sunset at Aqueduct Beach. (Photo: David Scaduto/Flickr)

Caesarea Aqueduct Beach

North of Caesarea, Israel, an ancient Roman aqueduct still stands on the Mediterranean coast. The ruins provide a spot for exploration as well as artistic delight, as photographers use the openings as frames to catch the light of the setting sun. 

Carmel BeachWispy clouds form over the sunset at Carmel Beach in Haifa. (Photo: Brian Jefferey Beggerly/Flickr)

Carmel Beach

With gardens, restaurants, sitting areas and playgrounds at Carmel Beach in Haifa, the sunset's golden light provides the perfect backdrop for all kinds of evening activities.

Jaffa sunsetA neon sunset in Jaffa. (Photo: Sergei25/Shutterstock)

Jaffa's coast

Near Jaffa Port, the sea-green Mediterranean waters make for one of the most colorful sunsets along the coast. With a variety of terrain for exploration as well as long expanses of smooth sand, it's the perfect spot for a sunset stroll.

Beit Yanai BeachThe sunset creates a bright orange sky at Beit Yanai Beach on the Mediterranean coast. (Photo: Dana&Ron/Flickr)

Beit Yanai Beach

The ruins of a pier at Beit Yanai Beach are silhouetted at daylight's last moments. During the day, kite surfers and wind surfers take to the waves — but in the evenings, it's a quiet stretch of beach, with private areas for those who decide to adventure out.

Gulf of AqabaA colorful sunset at the Gulf of Aqaba near Eilat. (Photo: vvvita/Shutterstock)

Gulf of Aqaba

The Gulf of Aqaba lies between Israel and Jordan, and besides being an important area for shipping, it offers some of the most expansive sunset views east of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ein GevA vivid sunset turns trees into silhouettes at Ein Gev Beach on the Sea of Galilee. (Photo: Tim Schumacher /Flickr)

Ein Gev Beach

The Ein Gev harbor overlooks the Sea of Galilee. Visitors can see the sunset from the promenade, from the patios of restaurants or while enjoying a cruise.

Achziv BeachThe sun sets in a slate blue sky at Achziv Beach. (Photo: Izhar Laufer/Flickr)

Achziv Beach

The beach at Achziv National Park, near Rosh Hanikra, is filled with beautiful wildlife from sea turtles to starfish. A perfect spot for the restless sunset gazer, the beach accommodates swimming, cycling and hiking along the coast and in the coves and lagoons.

Gordon BeachThe sun sets over the rocky shore of Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Dan Zelazo/Flickr)

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv is popular with both tourists and locals. Still, there are areas away from the hustle and bustle where folks can sit and enjoy the last light of a busy day.


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8 of Israel's best beaches for sunsets
Take in the vivid scenery of these amazing sunset spots, from the Mediterranean coast to the Sea of Galilee.