Amaryllis Amaryllis Beautiful red amaryllis is one of many flowers on display at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. (Photo: sakhorn/Shutterstock)

23 gorgeous flowers at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

From the desert rose to the winter iris, the gardens feature breathtaking blossoms year-round.

With 30 acres of natural scenery and around 10,000 species of plants from all around the world, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens feature gorgeous flowers throughout the year. Sections dedicated to the flora of Europe, North America, Southern Africa, Asia, Australia and the Mediterranean highlight the best of the blooms from these regions' diverse climates. Here's a roundup of the botanical gardens' most beautiful blossoms by season.


Bell-flower cherry tree blossomBell-flower cherry blossoms. (Photo: Kai Yan, Joseph Wong/Flickr)

The bell-flower cherry tree paints the gardens pink in the springtime. Cherry trees can be found in the European and Asian sections.

Hyacinth squillHyacinth Squill. (Photo: Janie Easterman/Flickr)

The hyacinth squill is a spring-blooming wildflower in the Mediterranean section of the garden.

Pomegranate blossomPomegranate blossoms. (Photo: J. Michael Raby/Flickr)  

Pomegranate trees can be found throughout Israel and are featured in the garden, adding a splash of pink in the springtime.

Syrian pear tree blossomsSyrian pear tree. (Photo: Gideon Pisanty/Wikimedia Commons)

The Syrian pear tree is another gorgeous spring bloom in the Asian section of the gardens.

Water lilyWater lily. (Photo: Avital Pinnick/Flickr)

Water lilies fill the ponds in April.

Grevillea johnsoniiGrevillea Johnsonii. (Photo: Manuel M.V./Flickr)

Another spring flower, curly Grevillea Johnsonii is bright and unique.

Snowdrop flowersSnowdrop. (Photo: David Rafael Moulis/Shutterstock)

The delicate snowdrop flower blooms in the spring months.


Amazonian victoriaAmazonian victoria. (Photo: Oleg Znamenskiy/Shutterstock)

The Amazonian victoria is one of the largest water flowers, blooming in the summer at the Cohen Family Lake in the gardens.

Common myrtleCommon myrtle. (Photo: Sarah Gregg/Flickr)

The common myrtle's appearance is anything but common. This Mediterranean plant's pretty flowers blossom during the summer months.

Sturt's desert roseSturt's desert rose. (Photo: Stephen Michael Barnett/Flickr)

Sturt's desert rose is another summer bloom, which can be found in the Australian section of the gardens.

Caper flowerCaper blooms. (Photo: Esterio/Shutterstock)

Who knew capers had such beautiful blooms? This summer bloomer can be found in the gardens' Asian section.

Bright pink hollyhockHollyhock. (Photo: mangpor2004/Shutterstock)

Hollyhock takes over the Asian section in summer months.

Eucalyptus flowerEucalyptus. (Photo: Lauchlin Wilkinson/Flickr)

The Australian section boasts beautiful eucalyptus blooms during the summer as well.

Southern MagnoliaSouthern magnolia. (Photo: AlessandroZocc/Shutterstock)

Southern magnolias, featured in the North American section, bloom throughout the summer.

Bee on Russian sageRussian sage. (Photo: Sasha Vasko/Flickr)

In the latter half of the summer, Russian sage turns the Asian section purple.

Sea squill Sea squill. (Photo: jankie/Flickr)

In the Mediterranean region, the sight of a freshly bloomed sea squill means that fall is coming.


AmaryllisAmaryllis. (Photo: sakhorn/Shutterstock)

Once fall has arrived, the Southern Africa section comes alive with amaryllis displays.

Winter irisAlgerian iris. (Photo: Lotus Johnson/Flickr)

Algerian iris, also known as the winter iris, blooms from fall until spring in the Mediterranean section of the gardens.

Sternbergia colchicifloraColchicum-flowered sternbergia. (Photo: georgeoide/Flickr)

Colchicum-flowered sternbergia flowers from November through mid-December.


Aloe FeroxAloe ferox. (Photo: Rod Waddington/Flickr)

Aloe ferox, also known as bitter aloe, brings a vibrant heat to the winter months in the South African section.

Paperwhite narcissusNarcissus. (Photo: Mary Lane/Shutterstock)

Narcissus flowers bloom from autumn until spring.

Red ranunculus flowerRanunculus. (Photo: abelard1005/Flickr)

February brings the blossoms of the colorful ranunculus flowers.

Large bee orchidBee orchid. (Photo: Peter Zschunke/Flickr)

The garden also features several species of orchids. Some of them, like the large bee orchid and the rare neotinea maculata, are native to Israel.


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23 gorgeous flowers at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
From the desert rose to the winter iris, the gardens feature breathtaking blossoms year-round.