Red poppy flower Red poppy flower A poppy flower in Tel Aviv (Photo: Uzi Yachin / Flickr)

18 beautiful macro photos capturing springtime in Israel

We're celebrating the first day of spring with a closer look at all the things that make the season wonderful.

Finally, it's the time of year when photographers don their macro lenses to get detailed shots of flowers, honey bees and all things that epitomize springtime.

Spring in Israel is celebrated as a time for going outdoors, beginning with the Red South Festival in February to the Eilat Bird Festival in March, and all the perfect-weather days that follow. After the welcome rains of winter, foliage blooms across the country. Warm but not too hot, it's by far the best time of year for hiking and exploring nature.

First, the green fields of the northern Negev turn red with anemones, and northern Israel's forests become carpeted with delicate pink cyclamen flowers. But the real sign of the approaching season is in the white-pink blossoms of the almond trees throughout the countryside. 

Spring lasts well into June with highs in the 70s throughout the northern region and along the coast, with slightly warmer (but no less pleasant!) temperatures in the south – and yes, even the dry desert comes to life this time of year. With ample parks and nature reserves, there is no shortage of places to go to see the spring blooms. 

To celebrate the spring equinox, we're bringing the colorful blossoms to you with a curated collection of the most beautiful macro photos taken in Israel:

Sunlit purple flowersPurple flowers grow in Galilee (Photo: shoufany/Flickr)

Sunflowers grow on a farm in IsraelSunflowers grow on a farm in Israel (Photo: Rebecca Schear/Flickr)

A red spring rose growing near Tel AvivA spring rose growing near Tel Aviv (Photo: achituv/Flickr)

Cabbage white butterfly on a yellow flowerCabbage white butterfly on a yellow flower (Photo: Ziva & Amir/Flickr)

Macro photo of center of iris flowerAn up-close look at the tiniest details in an iris flower (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Ladybug on small yellow flowerA ladybug walks across a tiny yellow flower (Photo: Eran Finkle/Flickr)

Blue flowers after the rainBlue flowers after the rain (Photo: Naama ym/Flickr)

Tiny yellow flowers form spherical shapeTiny yellow flowers form spherical shape (Photo: Rodrigo Balan Uriartt/Flickr)

Cyclamen flowerA cyclamen flower peeking out of the ground (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Tiny blue flowerA tiny blue flower (Photo: Eran Finkle/Flickr)

cassia fistula flowerA cassia fistula flower (Photo: Eran Finkle/Flickr)

Almond tree flowers after the rainAlmond tree flowers after the rain (Photo: Izhar Laufer/Flickr)

Oriental viper's grass flowerOriental viper's grass flower on Mount Gilboa (Photo: vad_levin/Flickr)

A honeybee on chive flowersA honeybee on chive flowers (Photo: Eran Finkle/Flickr)

Blue flowersBlue flowers (Photo: Adib Roy/Flickr)

Flowers growing in spherical bunchFlowers growing in spherical bunch (Photo: thechosenrebel/Flickr)

Small purple Stork's bill flowersErodium subintegrifolium (Stork's bill) wildflower growing in Tel Aviv (Photo: Janie Easterman/Flickr)


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