Sunrise over Sea of Galilee Sunrise over Sea of Galilee Camping at the Sea of Galilee boasts shady trees, soft grass, sparkling water and colorful sunrises. (Photo: Abraxas3d / Flickr)

14 places to set up camp just for the sunrise

Let nature be your alarm clock at these campsites with stunning views.

There's nothing quite as energizing as waking up to an incredible sunrise, especially after a night immersed in nature. Peeking out from your cozy tent and drinking in the view – it *almost* beats a strong cup of coffee. In fact, for lots of folks, an epic sunrise is the main reason for camping.

Offering spectacular morning vistas, these destinations call for a camping adventure:

Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun, Thailand

Sunrise at a campsite on the mountain Phu Tub Berk in ThailandOne of the most astounding sites in Thailand is at the viewpoint from the mountain Phu Tub Berk. (Photo: Em7/Shutterstock)

At an altitude reaching nearly 6,000 feet, camping on Phu Tub Berk makes you feel like you're on top of the world. It's a truly unique sunrise, a fiery glow rising above the fog. Evenings are cool in the summertime and frosty during the winter, but Phu Tub Berk offers a generally mild camping experience. For more information about camping on the Phetchabun mountain range's highest peak, check out this write-up at Thai Group Tours.

Yosemite National Park, California

Sunrise at Yosemite National Park Dawn breaks at Yosemite National Park, painting the mountains gold. (Photo: sp.VVK/Shutterstock)

With evergreen forests and impressive mountain peaks, camping at any of Yosemite National Park's campgrounds guarantees an amazing dawn. Yosemite is such a popular camping destination that reservations are required at many sites from the start of spring through fall, though there are first-come, first-served sites as well. For more information on camping at Yosemite, head over to the official National Parks Service site.

Campo Imperatore, L'Aquila, Italy

Sunrise at Campo Imperatore The alpine meadow in Italy's Campo Imperatore is the perfect place to pitch a tent – and the sunrise isn't bad, either! (Photo: Matteo Gabrieli /Shutterstock)

Sporting the nickname "Italy's Little Tibet," this sweeping plateau has a horizon like no other. Campers have the luxury of pitching tents in the wide open spaces – everyone gets a front-row view of the sunrise. See TripAdvisor's reviews for more information on the camping experience at this natural gem in Italy.

Dead Sea, Israel

Camping at the Dead SeaCamping at the Dead Sea offers more benefits than just beautiful views. (Photo: Niv Maoz/Flickr)

Set up camp at the lowest place on Earth and enjoy not just a lovely sunrise but also a whole host of health benefits: a higher oxygen content, lower atmospheric pressure and a low allergen count allow you to rest easy and breathe deep. Camp for free at the Ein Gedi Beach campground, and float in the water as you watch the sun slowly rise above the mountains – it may be the most relaxing camping trip you'll ever take. For more information about camping at the Dead Sea, read the feature on the official Dead Sea site.

Meat Cove, Nova Scotia

Sunrise seen through a tent in Nova ScotiaMeat Cove in Nova Scotia is among the most beautiful waterfront camping opportunities in Canada. (Photo: D. Cormier/Flickr)

At the northernmost tip of Cape Breton Island, the sun rises over the sea, framed by tall cliffs. Meat Cove offers all the accommodations you could want as a camper, from fire pits to hot showers. Enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your tent, or take a kayak out on the water. Find out more about camping at Meat Cove on Nova Scotia's tourism website.

Great Gable, English Lake District, Great Britain

Great Gable, English Lake District in Great BritainIn the heart of the English Lake District, Great Gable makes for a picturesque campsite. (Photo: Stewart Smith Photography/Shutterstock)

Camp among the rugged landscape of the English wilderness and look over the jagged mountain peaks. Climb the rocks by day, cozy up at night and wake up to this phenomenal view to start a new day of adventuring. There are many camping opportunities in the area – see them all here.

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

A golden sunrise over Hurricane Ridge in WashingtonA misty, golden sunrise atop Hurricane Ridge in Washington makes the hike worth your while. (Photo: Robert Bohrer/Shutterstock)

For those who love a good hike and even better views, camping at Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge is a must. Waking up for the sunrise guarantees an epic view and the additional benefit of spotting wildlife taking their own morning strolls throughout the area. Read more camping and hiking information on the National Park Service's Hurricane Ridge feature.

Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia

Beautiful sunrise on Australian beachFor gorgeous coastal camping, check out Point Lonsdale in Victoria, Australia. (Photo: Philip Yuan/Shutterstock)

Wake up to the waves crashing and clouds rolling in at this scenic beach campsite in Victoria, Australia. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a coastal camping experience that's not far from the local shops and restaurants. Find more information about Point Lonsdale attractions and camping on the official website.

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Sunrise over Mt. FujiAny camping spot with a view of Mt. Fuji promises a breathtaking dawn. (Photo: T hino/Flickr)

Perhaps the best way to enjoy Japan's most iconic mountain peak, camping near Mt. Fuji is a must. Rising up from the pastel-colored mist, this mountain revels in a special kind of beauty in the early morning. See a complete list of campsites near Mt. Fuji here.

Sea of Galilee, Israel

Sunrise through tent at Sea of GalileeA bright sunrise over the Sea of Galilee is better than any alarm clock. (Photo: Ishai Parasol/Flickr)

The Sea of Galilee's lush shoreline offers gorgeous views in every direction – but particularly to the East. When the sun peeks over the mountains, it's a sure sign of a beautiful day. For more about camping at the Sea of Galilee and to see more awesome places to see, check out our list of the best places to camp in Israel.

Cold Mountain, North Carolina

Camping near Cold Mountain along Blue Ridge Parkway Camping near Cold Mountain in North Carolina is a scenic portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, especially first thing in the morning! (Photo: Alistair Nicol/Flickr)

Near the bustling, bohemian mountain city of Asheville, the Blue Ridge Mountains house many campsites with indelible views. These southeastern mountains certainly earn their name in the early morning hours! Camp in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area for a faraway view of Cold Mountain or see it up close – either way, you'll be eager to start your day as soon as the sky lightens.

Cheesecake Rock, Royal National Park, Bundeena, Australia

Cheesecake Rock in Australia's Royal National ParkCheesecake Rock in Australia's Royal National Park is the perfect canvas for a colorful dawn. (Photo: Vern/Flickr)

The rocky coast of New South Wales boasts a pristine view of the sunrise. Chalky white cliffs reflect the sunrise while, farther in the park, shady hikes and picture-perfect picnic spots abound. Find out more about Royal National Park here.

Rosemarkie, Scotland

Sunrise on Scotland's coastAs you admire the horizon at Rosemarkie, be sure to keep an eye out for dolphins! (Photo: Jane Carnall/Flickr)

For caravanning as well as camping, the Rosemarkie site is an all-in-one vacation. Hikes, history and wildlife watching are a few of many activities in this charming region of Scotland. Find out more at Visit Scotland.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sunrise at campsite in Sahara Desert in Morocco In the desert, the colorful clouds of dawn seem to go on forever. (Photo: cdrin/Shutterstock)

For a truly immersive travel experience, don't just visit the Sahara Desert – pitch a tent there. Settle your campsite among the dunes and enjoy daybreak like you've never seen it before. Complete Morocco offers a list of their top recommended campsites. Check it out here.

The first light of day is something worth celebrating. Where are your favorite spots to catch the sunrise? Tell us in the comments below.


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14 places to set up camp just for the sunrise
Let nature be your alarm clock at these sunrise campsites with spectacular morning vistas from around the world.