Separated by continents, the Zucker sisters are able to work together online and occasionally in person. Separated by continents, the Zucker sisters are able to work together online and occasionally in person. Separated by continents, the Zucker sisters are able to work together online and occasionally in person. (Photo: Courtesy Zucker sisters)

Sisters in separate countries create new fashion line

Their popular products feature wardrobe staples that are simple but chic.

Einav and Hadas Zucker may be sisters, but they are separated by thousands of miles. With Hadas living in China and Einav in Israel, the two are still very close. Both fashion designers, they have partnered to create an exclusive online collection. And they didn't need to look far to come up with a name. They're simply calling it Zucker.

With deep resumes in the fashion industry, these Israeli sisters bring years of experience and lots of creativity to their collection.

A model shows off part of the new collection.A model shows off part of the new collection. (Photo: Courtesy Zucker sisters)

Einav was the recipient of the prestigious Diesel Award in an international design competition after she graduated from fashion school. Initially, Zucker designed a capsule collection under her own name called Einav Zucker for Diesel. Then, she had the opportunity to join the popular company's design team for three years. Hadas has also made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry. In addition to her work on Zucker, she is currently the creative director for the men’s fashion brand BlackGateOne.

After working on a popular line together called Rhus Ovata, the sisters are now excited about their new Zucker offering. “It is only an online brand, selling directly to the customer without high mark-ups or without a middleman. In this way, the retail price is more affordable," Einav told From The Grapevine.

What’s the vision behind the Zucker collection? “We were over trendy fashion and wanted to wear and offer to our women a collection that stands for eternal timeless style,” the sisters said. “We try to connect to every woman’s basic need, being comfortable and having a defined style. The three main values that Zucker is based on are timeless design, high quality and value for money. Using these core elements we offer a selective curated collection that can compose an essential wardrobe.”

The new collection offers high-quality basics.The new collection offers high-quality basics. (Photo: Courtesy Zucker sisters)

Just because the Zucker collection is high quality doesn’t mean that you’ll break your budget. “We strive for high quality fabrics, new techniques of garment-making, and we trust our suppliers. We don’t overdo prints or crazy treatments. It's just simple and straight-to-the-point design that resonates with our woman’s taste and pocket, and that can be easily purchased online,” the sisters said.

In 2012, Hadas moved to China, which we would think would make their collaboration more difficult. However, the sisters are closer than ever. “We have worked together for many years so there is a strong synergy," they explained. "We talk and discuss the direction of each collection and our next commercial decisions. We try to make the maximum out of the fact that we live in different countries and expand our vision and activity."

The new collection is casual and features timeless style.The new collection is casual and features timeless style. (Photo: Courtesy Zucker sisters)

With their years of experience, the sisters recognize the need to continually evolve and change with the times. “We have been doing fashion for more than 10 years now, so we know our consumer, we know the business and we try to use the experience and knowledge to leverage the online platform. It is the biggest change in the business structure and it brings a lot of new changes and a different mindset," they said. "Our business attitude is to grow carefully. The combination between online and offline activities is very important.”

One unique feature of their website is the "Home Try On" service. “It is a service that you can order pieces to try on and to pay only after you see and fit the pieces. It is a great and very effective service that gives the customer the opportunity to try a few models at home without any charge,” the sisters said.

So, how do the sisters find inspiration? “We think of our daily life and how we want to be perceived – we look into our wardrobe and mix it with inspiration from the street and from our trips around the world.”

The Zucker line, featured above, offers a home try on option.The Zucker line, featured above, offers a home try on option. (Photo: Courtesy Zucker sisters)


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