MORF shirt MORF shirt Model Alexa Dole shows off the MORF design's double-sided sleeve. (Photo: MORF / Youtube)

You'll never need another shirt again

MORF design can transform into 24 different styles.

A design that's as practical as it is stylish, the comfortable MORF shirt is doing us all a gigantic favor. From Israeli designer Tamara Salem, the MORF shirt can be flipped, folded, turned inside out and rolled up to create up to two dozen variations. It's versatile enough to sustain an entire wardrobe – and even better, it only needs to be washed every now and then.

Whether you're in the mood for a cozy long-sleeved shirt or want to sport the three-quarter style, this smart shirt does it all – how many shirt designs do YOU know of that are registered as an official U.S. patent?

The MORF shirt comes in three main color variations, for both men and women: red, blue and green. Each shirt can be manipulated into a striped classic, bold color blocks, solid hues and colored cuffs. With no seams or tags, it's easy to flip the layers of the shirt inside out for a whole new color combination, with an added customization if you fold up the sleeve.

The fashion project has met resounding success over the months since the MORF Kickstarter launched in February. MORF ships all over the world, and backers can expect to receive their designs by August of this year.

Keep an eye out on MORF's website for the next installment in the fashion line: the MORF dress!


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You'll never need another shirt again
One shirt 24 ways, save money and space with MORF's interchangeable shirt