US park ranger Betty Reid Soskin. US park ranger Betty Reid Soskin. Betty Reid Soskin, a US park ranger, was born in Detroit in 1921. (Photo: National Park Service)

8 of the oldest people still going to work every day

Age hasn't hindered these folks from holding down a 9-to-5.

Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who enjoy having a job. So much, in fact, that they're sticking with it well beyond what is generally considered retirement age. We know they're out there, so we thought we'd tell you about them. Here's a list of eight people from around the world who continue to defy Father Time by collecting a paycheck.

Australia: David Goodall, 103

102-year-old Australian scientist David Goodall.David Goodall is Australia's oldest active scientist. (Photo: Twitter)

Science is a never-ending exploration of the unknown, which may explain why, at 103 years old, David Goodall is still working in the field. Influential in the early development of numerical methods in ecology, particularly the study of vegetation, he earned his doctorate 76 years ago. For his hard work and longevity he was awarded the Order of Australia in 2016.

United States: Loraine Maurer, 94

Fast food may be unhealthy, but it's doing a world of good for Loraine Maurer. At 94 she is still working at the same McDonald's in Evansville, Indiana, that she's worked at since she was 50. She works on Fridays and Saturdays, but is said to show up almost every day. What's more, she works the early shift, rising at 3 a.m. to punch in by 5.

Israel: Walter Bingham, 93

93-year-old Israeli journalist Walter Bingham.Walter Bingham, at 93, is Israel's oldest active journalist. (Photo: YouTube)

Walter Bingham currently hosts two radio shows, "Walter’s World" and "The Walter Bingham File" – on Israeli National Radio and Israel News Talk Radio, respectively. He was recently named by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living radio talk show host, which inevitably meant the Jerusalem resident found himself the object of media attention. So, when asked how he's holding up both physically and mentally, he didn't mince words: "On a good day I feel like I’m 40, and on a bad day, like 50."

United Kingdom: Prince Philip, 96

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.Prince Philip, with his wife, Queen Elizabeth, is the oldest ever male member of the British royal family. (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Prince Philip is the longest-serving consort of a reigning British monarch ever, having been by Queen Elizabeth's side since she took the throne in 1952. Though he recently announced his retirement, he'll still be actively carrying out his royal duties until the fall – including serving on the board of roughly 800 different organizations around the world.

United States: Betty Reid Soskin, 95

Betty Reid Soskin's former life made her something of an authority on her current one. A popular songwriter during the Civil Rights Movement, today, at the age of 95, she is an employee of the National Park Service, where she works at the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, California. The museum focuses on the role of women, especially African-American women, in the first half of the 20th century.

Japan: Jiro Ono, 91

Jiro Ono receives his stars from the Michelin Guide director Jean-Luc Naret.Jiro Ono became world famous for his sushi after a documentary was made about him in 2011. (Photo: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Jiro Ono is regarded by many as being the greatest sushi craftsman alive and is credited with innovating methods used in modern preparation. Thanks to a popular documentary about his life, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi," he has become a celebrity outside of the culinary world. Getting a seat at his small restaurant in Tokyo, Sukiyabashi Jiro, is nearly impossible, to say nothing of the cost: It's $300 for a 30-minute meal.

United States: Anthony Mancinelli, 106

Anthony Mancinelli started cutting hair when Calvin Coolidge entered the White House (that's in 1923, for you non-historians) and still spends his days at his shop in New York standing over heads of hair, snipping away with his trusty scissors. The 106-year-old was recently named the world's oldest barber by Guinness World Records, and he has no plans of retiring any time soon.

United Kingdom: Doc Price, 85

85-year-old tattoo artist Doc Price.Doc Price got his first tattoo in 1962 and has been working professionally as a tattoo artist since 1964. (Photo: Twitter)

At 85, Doc Price is the baby on this list, but the nature of his career makes him a worthy inclusion. He's thought to be the world's oldest living tattoo artist. According to his estimate, he's tattooed 40 acres worth of ink onto people since he took up the profession in 1964. Respect!


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8 of the oldest people still going to work every day
Here are 8 people around the world who are holding down jobs, even though they're way past retirement age.