Two lucky occupants of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary Two lucky occupants of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary Two lucky occupants of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary (Photo: Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary)

A dog sanctuary with a passion for compassion

Dog Tales provides plush furnishings and beautiful country surroundings for animals in need.

Picture a Hollywood-style scene where an adorable and delighted pup runs through a meadow and into the arms of its beloved owner, and you'll be picturing something like what you'll find at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. 

Located in King City, Ontario, the sanctuary is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Rob Scheinberg and Danielle Eden. Perched atop 50 acres of rolling hills and wooded areas, it is a refuge filled with love for dogs and horses who came from less-than-friendly conditions.

Its existence comes as no surprise to those who know its owners. Danielle always had a passion for the welfare of dogs. Growing up in Herzliya, Israel, she began fostering them at a young age, often adopting from the municipal shelter. Years later, when she and Rob, who grew up in Holon, Israel, teamed up both personally and professionally, they decided to set up residence in Canada with their four adopted Israeli dogs. It was here that their vision was born.

Now, the sanctuary has 87 rooms equipped to house up to 100 dogs. The pampered pups don't lack in amenities. Each room on the premises is equipped with a plush sofa bed, a sparkly chandelier and unique art to dress up the walls. "Danielle loves design and is active in her research," Georgette Dunn, a Dog Tales employee, told From The Grapevine. "The entire design process is her creation; she gets her inspiration from all over."

Danielle Eden and friends.Danielle Eden and friends. (Photo: Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary)

Rob and Danielle chose King City for its openness, serenity and picturesque views – a perfect locale for recovery and rejuvenation. Along with providing health care and training, the sanctuary treats the dogs as residents; there is no time limit on the animals' stay.

“We strive to create an environment where the dogs can run, explore, and just learn how to be dogs again, a privilege that many of them have never had," according to the sanctuary's website. "... Our team provides all of the love and training that our rescues need to recover from their pasts so that they can move on to permanent, loving homes, which most do.”

This extends to the sanctuary's nearly 50 horses. They are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the sanctuary's landscape. The lush surroundings are perfect for both grazing and galloping.

Coconut is one of many fortunate horses to find refuge at Dog Tales. Coconut is one of many horses to find refuge at Dog Tales. (Photo: Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary)

The community of King City, less than an hour from Toronto, supports and helps the sanctuary. Champion Shavings, a wood-shavings business in town, donated enough pine shavings to keep each horse warm and cozy within their stables during this year's cold Canadian winter.

Dunn said the sanctuary's biggest goal is to provide a better quality of life for as many animals as possible. Knowing that "there are so many dogs who aren't getting the love or care that they need," she said she remains hopeful.

"The greatest satisfaction is seeing dogs adopted into loving homes," she said.


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