skateboard skateboard Fishnets, skateboards, beaches, sunglasses and Converses, oh my! It's like someone gathered all the cool things and covered some girl with them. (Photo: iko / Shutterstock)

Are you cool? Science knows the answer

2 guys set out to learn what makes people cool. See if you fit one of these profiles.

A couple of scientists got into an argument over whether Steve Buscemi was cool. Being scientists, they decided there was only one way to solve this conundrum: conduct studies on what is cool.

So Israeli scientist Ilan Dar-Nimrod, who works at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and American scientist Ian Hansen, who works at York College, designed and ran several studies. They found that the coolest people ...

Aren't afraid to be weird

broad cityYou don't need to ask permission to be your cool self. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

Unconventionality and mysteriousness are the artisanal bread and sunflower seed butter of cool people. Cool people are all like, "Check this out, broh!" and you're all like "Whoa, what is that thing?" and they're like "Yeah man, you don't even know the stuff I get up to when I'm not hanging out here," and you're all like, "Wow, I wish I was you."

Get stuff done

we can do itBecause doing things usually involves showing off your arms. (Photo: Everett Historical/Shutterstock)

Personal competence was one of the highest scores in one of the "cool" surveys. So next time your friends flake on you and your plans to change the world, know it's because they just weren't hip enough to get their act together.

Dish out the sarcasm

There's something impressive about people who can insult you sneakily. They say that things are one way, when they're really a different way. Who can wrap their heads around that kind of intricate meta-reality? Only cool people.

Are into new things

lizzie mcguireEver seen a chic girl in Mom jeans? I didn't think so. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Have you ever told someone their skinny jeans were "so last week"? If so, you're probably an imaginary mean teenage girl from a sitcom. And you're also hella stylin', because cool people are into new stuff.

Want to be your friend

The study found that friendliness is a big cool factor. It seems a little warm and fuzzy, but it makes sense: it's hard to be all that and a bag of Fritos when no one likes you.

Make you swoon

firemenDo you think these firemen decided to pose with Steve Buscemi (left) to make themselves look even hotter? (Photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock)

No surprise, attractiveness matters. Ugly people aren't snazzy, no matter how much money they spend on hair products. Incidentally, this might explain the "Steve Buscemi isn't cool" argument (sorry Steve) ...

Are into thrills

roller coasterGirl in back: cool. Guy in back: not cool. (Photo: Jamie McCaffrey/Flickr)

Fierce people are intro thrill seeking. After all, how're you gonna learn to be awesome if you stay home and stare at Netflix all day? You'd have to watch a lot of John Travolta to up your game.

Know how to party

Party animals are the cat's pajamas, in a category the researchers actually called "hedonism." Hey, you've got to unwind after a day of making clever quips while you shake up society.


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Are you cool? Science knows the answer
2 guys set out to learn what makes people cool. See if you fit one of these profiles.