monopoly monopoly You don't have to play the original version forever. (Photo: CaseyMartin / Shutterstock)

We've picked out weird Monopoly games for each of your friends

Always wanted to boil your friends' personalities down to an unpopular version of a popular board game? We've got you covered.

Whatever holiday you're celebrating this month (we recommend one of these), you're probably thinking about getting together with friends and family. Luckily, Monopoly has more editions than "The Simpsons" has side characters, and there's a Monopoly version for every kind of person, from city-themed games to some pretty fishy editions. Read on to discover what other Monopoly games are out there, and how many game-related puns we can fit into a single article.

For the billionaire-in-training

Your travels could be the key to business success. The goal: get so rich that taxis quail at the gold dust radiating off your perfect hair. (Photo: Ollyy/Shutterstock)

Every monopoly game is technically perfect for your corporate friend, but some are more perfect than others. Cash in on your synergy by investing in a game that'll increase your social capital for sure: Bailout Monopoly.

This "unofficial" version of the game started off as a fiction, but innovative game-players actually made it real. To play, you use a regular Monopoly board and follow modified rules, which involve getting bailouts from the bank and calling in loans.

For the world traveler

airplaneHer frequent flyer miles are probably worth more than your paycheck. (Photo: Alexander Chaikin/Shutterstock)

Every group of friends has one member who conspicuously is never around because she's always in Europe or the Amazon or with her boyfriend. But maybe you can keep her in your life a little longer this time by jetting off with her into a game that feels exactly like traveling across the world.

There's a new monopoly game in town, especially if your town happens to be Jerusalem. That's right, you can now monopolize Israel's most famous city with "Jerusalem Monopoly." Toymaker Hasbro has created an Israeli version of this game, which includes 28 tourist destinations, including the city's Mahane Yehuda Market and the Israel Museum.

For the future Van Gogh

David Szerer's art project TLVWOOD offers a new view of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. David Szerer's art project TLVWOOD offers a new view of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo: David Szerer)

Do you have a friend in art school? Pull him away from his studio for a minute and give him a present that he'll love almost as much as a salary. We've got one word for you: Artopoly.

Let us paint the picture: the game revolves around taking over galleries and avoiding art college, the game's equivalent of jail. You may have some trouble finding a copy, though; apparently only one was ever made. Typical.

For someone who just needs a break

Sleeping puppy, seen in summertime Northern Greece.The best thing about being a dog is that you can take a nap whenever you want. (Photo: Fotogenix/Shutterstock)

Not everyone's working on their hopes and dreams all the time. Some people just want to take a long weekend and chill. This brings us to our personal favorite Monopoly edition: bass fishing. Yes, in all its infinite wisdom, Hasbro decided it was missing out on a niche market of bass fishers.

"If you are one of the 20 million bass anglers pursuing the ultimate catch, this edition of America’s classic board game is one catch you won’t want to release," write the game's makers in a fishy attempt to bait us with puns. "Cast out and compete to reel in all the prized fish."

For your friend from Abington, Indiana

abingtonCentral Abington. Looks like a busy day. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Ever heard of Abington, Indiana? We hadn't either (we do everything together), until we discovered "Abingtonopoly," a board game based on the Midwestern town. This 2009 game was created by the Abington Lions Club (not real lions).

Only 825 sets were ever produced, which is actually kind of amazing considering that only 80 people live in Abington. The town hasn't had a post office since 1903.


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We've picked out weird Monopoly games for each of your friends
Always wanted to boil your friends' personalities down to a Monopoly game? We've got you covered.